Cactus & HWY 51

Hammered Hog BBQ Hall & Saloon

There's an old adage in the old time, old fashion BBQ business -- "Cooked Real-Slow, Served Real-Fast." We subscribe to that, so here's a great place to talk about our cooking process.

On the first day we'll take some pure vegetable oil, and rub down all of our meats. We will then coat these "roasts" with the dry rub developed especially for the cut. We then wrap the meat in cellophane, and let it rest for 24 hours or until the incredible flavors of the rub are absorbed in the roasts.

On day two we will have our state of the art "Ole Hickory" smoker fired up with Arizona Pecan Wood, and smoke the meats for hours.

On day three, when you're ready to eat, we'll pull these roasts out of the warming boxes, shred (or chop, depending upon the cut), and serve them to you. Because of the nature of our food, it will take a matter of seconds to plate your pork or brisket, and have it on its way to you! Cooked slow and served fast.